I invite you to participate in the beginning stages of a research project titled: Single, Female, & Alone: Experiences of Surviving & Thriving. I welcome your input about challenges and successes with being over 40, single, and without children. My intention for gathering these experiences is to broaden women’s sense of community and to increase information about strategies and resources for surviving and thriving.

Although my direct interest is about single, childless women age 40 and older, I also want information from women with partners and/or children; all women have useful information, ideas, and strategies for each other.

After I have designed a formal questionnaire, I will conduct follow-up personal interviews with all willing participants. In the design and implementation steps of this research project, all information will be confidential. When requested, participants’ input will be acknowledged.

Although other authors have written similar books, the combination of my Jungian perspective (wholeness and individuation) and use of practical information will offer an additional source of information and support.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Affirmations for the Seven Rites

     Affirmations are a succession of words or thoughts that tweak our memory and validate what we already know to be true. They are little reminders to cheer us on our way when the only thing that seems certain is our uncertainty. And when we feel lost and all alone, they are the specks of candlelight that brighten our field of vision.
     During menopause, you will find that there is much to validate, much uncertainty, and many long, dark roads. In the following pages, you will find an affirmation for each of the seven sacred rites. I hope they help lighten and enlighten your path. Read them all at once, or read them as you find yourself in that particular phase in your journey.
     Because the power of voice helps awaken the memory, try repeating them out loud. It is also empowering and energizing if you read them to yourself in the mirror. If you like you might even write a few affirmations of your own.

Boylan, K. M. (2000). The seven sacred rites of menopause. Santa Monica, CA: Santa Monica Press LLC.

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